My dear niece posted this on facebook, I personally did not know Alex Rouroni, but I believe this to be a wonderful idea.  I am still planning what I will do to honor him and those like him.
In 2012, I lost a dear friend, Alex (Rouroni).  His birthday is Nov 20.  Since he did not like celebrating his birthday, I choose to honor his memory in the best way I can think of.  Alex had a way of taking care of others and spreading kindness – in secret.  He truly believed that if he went around telling people what he did, it didn’t count.  He never wanted credit. So, on this day,  go pick up trash, give a stranger flowers, leave a huge tip, send a greeting card to an address you found on yellowpages, e…tc. It can be simple or hard (but I personally like to stretch my comfort zone). The only rule is YOU CAN’T TELL ANYONE what you did. If you do, it doesn’t count. Note that by acknowledging you are attending, you do not negate the secret act.  It is merely a commitment to spread kindness – the act itself on Nov. 20th will be the secret.  In this act, we can not only transform the world, but also ourselves. If you didn’t know Alex, honor someone else’s memory on this day.  Or if you are yourself in a place of struggle, use this day to pick yourself up and spread some sunshine in this world.  It truly is the best cure for your own darkness. Please consider sharing this event.  I posted this on my wall last year, but I want to make an even bigger impact this year.  Thank you in advance for helping honor my friend and spreading his mission.